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December 11 - Januari 30 at V!P's Amsterdam
Opening reception on Saturday 11 December, 4PM

December 12 - Januari 30 at V!P's Rotterdam
Opening reception on Sunday 12 December, 4PM


Rehearsing for the Royal Variety Show at The Prince of Wales Theatre on 4 November 1963.

It was a journalist at The Daily Mirror, one of Britain’s largest daily newspapers that coined the term BEATLEMANIA. He, along with other reporters and photographers, was with the Beatles every step of the way through their whirlwind rise to the top, after which they accompanied them on their journey to become, quite simply, the greatest band the world has ever seen.

It is through the many thousands of photographs in the Daily Mirror archive that we are able to visually chart their path. The photographs in this exhibition represent some of the greatest moments in their career, both backstage and onstage, as well as intimate times. These photos capture just what it was like to be at the centre of the storm that was Beatlemania.

The exhibition contains 100 photographs, all are available in 3 different sizes. Each photograph is printed on barite paper, has an embossed stamp, is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The Beatlemania collection has been compiled by Fergus McKenna (Head of Syndication & Licensing Mirror Group Newspapers), Peter de Raaf (V!P’s Galleries) and Richard Havers (author); it is a joint initiative between Mirrorpix and V!P’s International Art Galleries.


John, Paul and his girlfriend Jane Asher at the party to celebrate the release of Apple
managed band Grapefruit's debut single, 'Dear Delilah' on RCA, 19 January 1968.

9 September 1963. The Beatles are photographed together prior to being interviewed
for a Daily Mirror feature – one of their earliest national newspaper features.  

Racing toy Scalextric cars between performances at the Coventry Theatre,
17 November 1963.

John passed his driving test on 15 February 1965 . He was photographed outside Abbey
Road Studios sitting in George Martin’s convertible Triumph Herald in the afternoon prior
to The Beatles recording Ticket to Ride.

Paul makes the front page, 13 November 1963. Paul and John were pictured leaving
the ABC Cinema in Plymouth.

The ‘Pepsi Generation’, sometime in June 1964.

18 August 1964. The Beatles arrive in San Francisco to begin their first
North American tour. 

On stage at the New Musical Express poll winner’s concert at Empire Pool Wembley
on 26 April 1964. 

Filming Help! outside The City Barge pub, Chiswick,  London on 24 April 1965.

Roy Orbison being fed birthday cake by John while Ringo looks on. It was Roy's 28th
birthday party in London, 23 April 1964.

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